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Lisa Grubb is the creator of Happy Dog! 

As author and illustrator of Happy Dog! and Happy Dog Sizzles!,
Lisa has charmed children and adults worldwide with her wonderful artwork and stories ​about friendship, adventure and imagination!
A must for every child's bookcase!

Find out how “Happy Dog!” was created
by the stroke of Jack Cat’s paint brush! 
When Happy Dog jumps off the canvas and comes to life he becomes best friends with Jack Cat and together, these two use their imaginations to fly to outer space, captain a fire engine and reign supreme over a Swiss cheese castle! 
happy dog sizzles jkt jpg.jpg
​It's summertime, it's HOT and the pool is packed!  What can these two friends do
to cool off?

They take matters into their own hands, that's what! A little bit of junk here, a little imagination there and watch out, it's Walla-pa-doo time!  Happy Dog and Jack Cat take a trip to the junk yard and build something fabulous
from their imagination!
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