Lisa's Limited Edition, Hand-signed Seechlosschen Hotel wine bottles!
Art Opening at the prestigious Ostsee-Galerie in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany


Lisa Grubb Chocolate Collection compliments of Walter Wiebold!


 Lisa & Alec Baldwin at PETA Event
Painting a piece of the
Berlin Wall!

Lisa with Wyland


Woof Dog on slab
of Berlin Wall
Fortune Magazine

Lisa with Jane Seymour

Sylvia, Christian and Lisa at the
Grand Seechlosschen Hotel,
also depicted in this commission


Lisa has more wine bottles to sign!


 Lisa's "Happy Fish" SmART Car

Lisa & Tim Gunn
 A long way up!

Woof on its way to
Checkpoint Charlie
Lisa with Al Roker on
The Today Show


 Making News In
China Town

Outside Mural in New York

My top notch gallerist Hubert,
and wonderful collectors of my art
Wine label design by artist Lisa Grubb commissioned by Grand Seechlosschen Hotel
Hubert, gallerist from Ostsee-Galerie and Lisa. Getting ready for the cocktail party!
Let the cocktails begin!


Ostsee-Galerie, Timmendorfer Strand
The fun all began on my two blank slabs of the Berlin wall!

 Three tons of art!

 Madison, Max &
Lisa at Art Expo
Lisa with Romero Britto

"Happy Dog" makes the
cover of Dan's Papers,
 East Hampton


Lisa was very busy this year traveling and attending her reception at the Ostsee Galerie in Timmendorfer Strand on the Baltic Sea in Germany. ( Lisa's work is on display year-round.

The Grand Hotel Seeschlosschen in Timmerdorfer Strand hosted an American-themed barbecue in her honor alongside all her wonderful newest collection of original paintings. Each Customer left with a limited edition, hand-signed bottle of fabulous wine - label designed by Lisa Grubb. Guests enjoyed Walter Wiebold's famous chocolate with Lisa's artwork images embellished on each piece! It was a wonderful, fun, art-filled weekend shared by Lisa and her collectors.

If you get to Berlin, you must visit CHECKPOINT CHARLIE and see the two magnificent slabs of the Berlin Wall that Lisa painted - b
oth are fabulous, huge works of art Transporting the final walls was handled very carefully with skilled workers on the crane as each slab weighs in at 3 tons!!  Be sure to check them out!

Be sure to visit the Hugendubel book store in Stuttgart for the German version of "Happy Dog Sizzles!" If you'd like a German copy, please contact Lisa through this website.  For German customers, they are selling throughout Germany in a variety of book stores.

THANK YOU to everyone who enjoys Lisa's art. Each work represents a piece of her spirit and she's so happy to be able to share that with everyone!


Special dedication on another sold painting!

Lisa & Michael Godard

New York in Berlin!

 Lisa at Cherry Creek Arts Festival
in Denver, CO

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Lisa with unique wooden Fish
art piece